Inspired by crypto and web3 culture

The Universe

We are a brand that draws its inspiration from the world of blockchain and web3 technologies. Our mission is to create assets that reflect the spirit of innovation, freedom and community that drives us.
At Fabmining, you’ll find unique designs, striking items and strong messages that celebrate the emergence of a new digital era. We believe that fashion is a powerful means of expression, and we want our apparel, physical and digital accessories to help you assert your identity and belong to a community that shares your values.
Our team is made up of technology and fashion enthusiasts, who work together to create quality, comfortable accessories linked to blockchain technology. Whether you’re a savvy investor, a blockchain developer or simply curious and fascinated by new technologies, our brand is for you. Join our community and assert your style with our crypto and web3 collection.


A meeting
place for all

Join the Fabmining community, a space for exchange and discussion dedicated to Web3 and crypto. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experts.


Digital collectibles

The Fabmining collectibles invite you to join a world dedicated to crypto, metaverse and Web3. It’s made up of 111 unique NFTs representing characters evolving in a world where blockchain is omnipresent. Owning one of our NFTs gives you access to premium parts of our store, limited edition products and exclusive offers.